The Interview Room screening and residents’ show

with Toby Huddlestone, David Martin, Terry Slater and Diego Marcon

interview room bw


Toby Huddlestone

Auto-Archive: Poster (as artwork as exhibition) is an artwork produced by Toby Huddlestone that serves as some kind of end-point to his Auto-Archive project. Starting with a curated exhibition given as a presentation, then working through two more exhibitions throwing forth research and shifts, has now been reduced to one sheet of paper – on one side a timeline featuring all the works involved in Auto-Archive, and on the other side a commissioned ‘review’ of a fictional version of an Auto-Archive exhibition by artist Leo Fitzmaurice.

David Martin

“The unfinished sculptural assemblage is composed mainly from unwanted items from UK galleries and operates as an illuminated physical barrier to the artist’s section of the shared studio.”

Terry Slater

the line of circular time
Screening of two films by Diego Marcon:

pattini d'argento.jpg

Still from Pattini d’Argento – documentary film, minidv/found footage, colour/sound, 37’, 2007, by Diego Marcon in collaboration with Federico Chiari and Anna Franceschini aka PAD – Piccolo Artigianato Digitale.

Pattini d’argento, 2007, 37 min, no dialogue

The film meditates on the surface of the ice rink as figure skaters rehearse a synchronised routine to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Speed skaters circle the ice fluidly, like mercury, the image also sliced and with its apparent borders allowing details to make up a less familiar whole – what is happening outside the frame is just as important as what is captured within.

Storie di fantasmi per adulti, 2010, 16 min, no dialogue

A hunting lodge in the Italian mountains – a static interior with taxidermy trophies and porcelain trinkets, dried flowers and photographs – preserved and impervious to time ticking away on the clocks on the wall. Time standing still, yet distinctly finite as the trophies on the walls testify of an end of those individual lives.
Films selected by Diego Marcon and Emma Gradin. Marcon is based in Milan and currently artist in residence at the Centre international d’art et du paysage in Vassivière, France. He is participating in the show Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: A Love Meal at the Whitechapel Gallery.

The Interview Room

The Interview Room is a studio and project space based at the Old Police Station in Deptford. It is a place where process, discussion and working things out are omnipresent – artworks and ideas are in progress and ‘non-final’. Through sporadic public and invited events, we hope to push these elements of practice out beyond our physical environment. Events, talks, screenings, publishing, socials and residencies will be programmed on an irregular basis, as ideas and means allow. Artworks and ideas will be publicly available – to allow for discussion and collaborative thinking around not just our own practices, but of those that come to visit.

Currently, The Interview Room is comprised of artists, writers, curators and thinkers including Sovay Berriman, Emma Gradin, Toby Huddlestone, Kelly Large, David Martin and No Fixed Abode (Terry Slater and Rob Quirk).

The Interview Room 



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