Slow Works – Deceleration as Curatorial Paradigm: An open conversation on ‘time’

brian greene spacetime invite.pngChelsea College of Art Triangle Space, 8 March, 4-6pm:

Questions and ideas about what time is, timing, slowness and the value of time under capitalism are put to a group of invited artists, activists, academics and curators from fine art, politics, international relations and queer theory including Lucas Donna Hedlund, Neil Cummings, Katherine Jackson, Billy Howard Price, Sofa Gradin and Herb Shellenberger.

>> All welcome, no need to book! <<

Lucas Donna Hedlund is doing a PhD at King’s College London. Their research uses queer theory and the work of Jacques Derrida to read solidarity and feminism in international relations.

Neil Cummings was born in Wales and lives in London, he’s a professor at Chelsea College of Arts and on the editorial board of Documents of Contemporary Art.

Katherine Jackson is a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia and currently a visiting researcher at the Slade School of Fine Art. Her dissertation research focuses on the Artist Placement Group and John Latham in 1970s UK. She has worked as Flat Time House’s archive and research specialist since 2015.

Billy Howard Price is a video artist and Puppy drummer. He is collaborating with the philosopher Andrew Kennedy on The Chronolith Observatory™, an ongoing experiment into consciousness, culture + time designed to monitor feedback loops of probability and chance that move continually from the future, back into the past.

Sofa Gradin is a lecturer in Politics and a social movement organiser working on alternatives to capitalism, racism and patriarchy.

Herb Shellenberger is an independent curator of artist moving image.

Emma Gradin is an independent curator and research student at Chelsea College of Art developing and deploying curatorial strategies founded on extended states of not-knowing and creative suspension in the current context of time-shortness and accelerated productivity/consumption.


Brian Greene’s ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’ was in the Neuromantics Spacetime film programme and one starting point for this conversation (10 min clip):


Part of the PhD 1st year exhibition ‘other way round’ – Developing experimental research methods in public:

20170309_145036 (1)

Slow Works – Deceleration as Curatorial Paradigm

Information antechamber: Ana Teles’s studio. A ‘decelerated’ exhibition presents visitors not with foregone conclusions based on theoretical argument but with a structured wealth of contextual material informed by artistic practice and process. This lets audiences cultivate curiosity and engage in self-directed exploration on their own terms and in their own time. Emma Gradin’s ‘information antechamber’ is a mediation of fellow research student and artist Ana Teles’s contribution to this exhibition in the form of an immersive photographic representation of Teles’s studio. Exhibition open 7-9 March, 12-6pm. Closing drinks 9 March, 6-8pm.

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