The ‘information antechamber’ applied to itself for the TECHNE Research Exhibition, Chelsea Cookhouse Gallery


Flow + Flux TECHNE Research Exhibition

An exhibition of research in progress at the TECHNE Student Congress: Flow + Flux, Thursday 11th and Friday 12th January 2018, Triangle Space and Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. Contributions by Denise Ackerl, Anna Ådahl, Jeremiah Ambrose, Wayne Binitie, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, Angeliki-Myrto Farmaki, Natalie Hycinth, William Jamieson, Åsa Johannesson, Anne Lydiat, Katie McCallum, Harriet Salisbury, Charlotte Warne Thomas and myself. Curated by Denise Ackerl, Wayne Binitie, Angeliki-Myrto Farmaki, Rosie Ram and myself.

The 2018 student congress themes ‘flow’, ‘flux’ and ‘thinking in motion’ were direct or tangential areas of investigation, points of departure, or methods of enquiry in an exhibition of installations, drawings, photography, film, text and performance. TECHNE students are showing works in progress, testing ideas and sharing experimental aspects of their research process while exploring the mobility of research, as a fluid and agile process, and entering projects into dialogue with each other and the audience.

Further info on the projects and participants here


Wayne Binitie’s drawing in the back, during install

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