Sign Language at Art School – free BSL, Deaf Awareness and interpreting music course

How do we talk about art and why? Often it is theory over practice? What does learning sign language in art school let us do, does it tell us something about how dependent we are on written and spoken language?

Mondays from 9 April, free to attend, at Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip St, Westminster, London SW1P 4JU.

Please book in advance via e.gradin0720161 [at] as places are limited and ideally commit to all seven sessions.

This course is part of a TECHNE funded seminar series on the art school around questions such as: What is the art school now? What should or could it be? How might the artist’s studio be conceived (as workshop, office, study, laboratory, etc.), and differentiated from other types of space?

Susan Merrick: ‘BSL needs movement. One cannot capture it in a photo, it needs moving image!’


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