Neuroscience collaboration & exhibition, Camberwell College of Arts

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5 Dec – 9 Feb, AtoB Gallery

Camberwell College of Arts, London


What can images do to start a conversation and build exchanges between people from different fields? Art students from Camberwell College of Arts and Neuroscientists from Oxford University met and introduced their work and themselves using and making images. These images are now on display in the AtoB Gallery at Camberwell College of Arts.

The exhibition coincides with the launch of the website

Participants Melis Anaturk, Joshua Jonathan Attwood, Joseph Delaney, Naiara Demnitz, Harriet Dempsey Jones, Toby Dexter, Florence Enock, Andrew Farley, Emma Gradin, Ludovica Griffanti, Joe Hale, Amy Howard, Ainslie Johnstone, Malte Kaller, Gabby Martinez, Paola Pinna, Zeena Britt Sanders, Aislin Sheldon, Natasha Smith-Langridge


shared language split invite


SHARED LANGUAGE is an experiment at the meeting point of art, design and neuroscience devised by Sigune Hamann and Jonathan Kearney and funded by a Teaching and Learning Award. Workshops were facilitated in collaboration with Naiara Demnitz and Seb Rieger at the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity and Paul Atkins, Brian Hodgson and Josef Konczak at Camberwell College of Arts.

AtoB Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, 45-65 Peckham Rd, London SE5 8UF

On display 5 December 2018 – 9 February 2019.

For accessibility or any other info contact e.gradin [at]

More info on the project and images here:




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