Information antechamber for ’19-19′ – slowing down the experience of an existing exhibition

vasteras ia crystals abergvasteras ia breath portal hand detail

Hands-on research and experimentation during a two-month residency that I approached as an ‘expanded’ studio visit, working with and learning about the collection and space itself from colleagues Katrin Ingelstedt, Bengt Andersson, Shahla Mohebbi, Susanne Frost, Christina Runesson, Åsa Grönlund, Jenny Hellberg and Frej Drake. The project was made possible thanks to the extraordinary generosity and skills of all the staff and space at Vasteras Konstmuseum [art museum] (and Lansmuseet [Vastmanland county museum] in the same building).

I made an ‘information antechamber’ with hugely enlarged close-ups of 30 works in the existing exhibition of the museum’s collection, and back-projected those onto semi-transparent fabric that in itself acted as a kind of embrace and encouragement to slow down. On the other two panels were the exhibition’s title, a filmed floating fire in a fireplace, and immersive creative-commons-sourced visuals, that fell on the floor in a dynamic puddle, and on the visitor like dappled sunshine.

More info on the museum’s website (in Swedish)

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